Chronology of the mining and use of blue asbestos from ancient to modern times with emphasis on the events at Wittenoom, Western Australia. This mining has resulted in WA having the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world. Included is a comprehensive Bibliography.
This book started from the anger aroused when a Wittenoom local shredded some blue asbestos under the nose of a German backpacker staying at the Old Convent hostel where I was caretaker. Maria, a medical student holidaying in Western Australia, was very distressed knowing she could not have avoided the inhalation of some fibres thanks to the ignorance of someone who believed that if something did not affect them it mattered not. At first, I wrote an article which I sent to several overseas embassies so their nationals could be warned. The British suggested I sent it to the airline magazine; the French to send it to the British but the German consul advised it had been shared to hostels as an alert for their travelling citizens. Update?

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