Slice of Mixed Fortunes

Opening: Mixed Fortunes

2 mins read

1865 “Are you hurt?” David hears a stranger’s voice ask as he feels a concerned hand on his left shoulder. Touching the back of his head, David is relieved to see there is no blood. Ruing the rising lump and a spreading ache he nods, turning to face the stranger, […]


Wet and windy day.

1 min read

something to look forward to next season. Tree peony. I have to keep reminding myself what it is called. Reading, reading, watching TV. Generally being L A Z Y. And why not?


On Reflection

1 min read

Once I had a lot to say until I learned what not to say in order not to give offence to avoid battering against the fence of deeply held belief. So it was with relief that I broke the habit and no longer grabbed at conversation. Then I found it […]

My Personal Opinion

So often at odds

2 mins read

So often, far too often, I find myself at odds with the general consensus. I must be one of the few who do not feel greatly inconvenienced by COVID-19. After all, I live a fairly secluded life, have the bulk of my shopping delivered to my door.  I have always […]

Short Stories

From the Land of Nearly Perfect People

3 mins read

Somewhere, not so far from here, there is a land of Nearly Perfect People. In that land there lives a girl called Eve Day Knight. What made Eve Day Knight nearly perfect was that every time someone in the world said “Good Evening,” “Good-day” or “Goodnight” Eve just got more […]

Slice of Life B4 Lithium

Slice: Life Before Lithium

3 mins read

  NOTE TO THE READER: (Or should that be “WARNING?) The only time this account had been sent to a print publisher, the person assigned to read and assess disappeared along with my manuscript. The publisher (Women’s Redress Press) apologised but had no way of contacting their reader. The best […]

Extracts, Short Stories

Gospel Beach

3 mins read

Once upon a time, on a beach not far away, a man went fishing. He had a simple rod and a carefully baited hook. His family needed food and he knew that, out in the water, was a school  of fish. Most of the fish were of one family led […]