Macular maintainance jabs

1 min read

Every eight weeks, both eyes receive an injection to prevent the worsening of macular degeneration. I have learned to bth breathe in and out of mouth while wiggling toes thus handling the pain down to almost zero. Bit bleary eyed just now. Can’t read. Coffee, maybe TV or back to […]



1 min read

CONVERSATION Once I had a lot to say until I learned what not to say in order not to give offence to avoid battering against the fence of deeply held belief. So it was with relief that I broke the habit and no longer grabbed at conversation.   Then I […]


Facing the hurdle of my habits

3 mins read

Am I made of Teflon? Or ordinary lack of ‘stickability’? Jumping into projects then fading within few days? A diet which shows that, yes, if meticulously followed, shows a much needed slight drop in weight only to succumb to an Uber offer and ordering fast food I would never ordinarily […]

Slice of Mixed Fortunes

Opening: Mixed Fortunes

2 mins read

1865 “Are you hurt?” David hears a stranger’s voice ask as he feels a concerned hand on his left shoulder. Touching the back of his head, David is relieved to see there is no blood. Ruing the rising lump and a spreading ache he nods, turning to face the stranger, […]


Wet and windy day.

1 min read

something to look forward to next season. Tree peony. I have to keep reminding myself what it is called. Reading, reading, watching TV. Generally being L A Z Y. And why not?