So often, far too often, I find myself at odds with the general consensus.

I must be one of the few who do not feel greatly inconvenienced by COVID-19. After all, I live a fairly secluded life, have the bulk of my shopping delivered to my door.  I have always stocked up on toilet paper and dry goods I know I will use. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have tended to do a personal lock-down to avoid the chance of a bad way to die.

I enjoy watching Chinese Global Television while appreciating all the wonderful views of China dn life within China is the visual equivalent of our own TV advertising and as so many of TV adverts are totally not in my area of interest, eg. enhancing youth as if age is something to avoid with buckets of expensive lotions – well, I would rather enjoy some sweeping views of China and wonder why Chinese tourists visit Australia when they have so much splendour in their own country. Some of the archeological finds are amazing.

For a while, Facebook was not publishing items I was sharing from an English edition of a Chinese newspaper. I found a way around that which I used for a few posts, but since then Facebook must have determined I am not really trying to undermine the capitalist system! Just draw attention to the fact it is not the only way society can be organised. Going back to COVIV-19, think if the measures China took at the earliest outbreak. What Western country would have tolerated that? I have so much respect for the discipline involved in such a tight, but needed, control.

I am posting this today for something to do. I suspect no-one is actually reading my posts – either on Facebook or here. A pity, as I would like to engage in conversation, comments and sharing perspectives on Life in general.


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