Then it dawned on me.

Some people may be inwardly monstrous. However nice they might appear on the outside, they could be filled with dark unpleasantnesses. Call it evil. They quite rightly fear going mad. Then there are those of us whose internal reality is filled with places of peace and joy never known in our external lives. For us madness is an escape into sanity.

Seems to me that while people may, with effort, avoid going mad, the effort itself leaves them “sane” but twisted. “Sane” being defined as failing to be defined by any other psychiatric label. Some very strange people are regarded by themselves and others as “sane.” And if they are, I am glad not to be.

Words such as “good” and “evil” are not fashionable. The terms “positive” and “negative” are used as if “positivity” is the way to go and “negativity” something to be avoided. When people start using the words of electro-magnetism as if they apply to human relationships they should remember that positive poles do not attract. I am totally repelled when encouraged to be “positive” as if I am some iron filing to fall into line with someone else’s magnetic field.

No, I think (know) Life is one enormous game played for real.


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