more truthfully – streaming series and giving myself every excuse not to do anything.

my other web spaces

lost the anger I needed to continue with novel,

overdosing on news

making a bit of an effort in the garden on patio

have a unit inspection on Friday

Having thought of food – am losing a little weight by eating main meal at breakfast time, little at lunch and less in the evening. Seems to be working.

Taking a break while having breakfast. Then latest check on news THEN stream Harry’s Law on 7+. Gave up on Blindspot¬†after going to the fifth season and finding too much to catch up toi make any sense. First world problem.

Coles Kitchen Thai Chicken Curry – done.

Even more thorough clean about sink surround-meant moving clutter.

Am now receiving a morning phone call from Red Cross Teleservice ensuring I am alive and well. Set this up thanks to Aged Care following the theft of my keysafe from the foyer wall.

Till next time ….take care and stay safe

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