My Personal Opinion

So often at odds

2 mins read

So often, far too often, I find myself at odds with the general consensus. I must be one of the few who do not feel greatly inconvenienced by COVID-19. After all, I live a fairly secluded life, have the bulk of my shopping delivered to my door.  I have always […]

Short Stories

From the Land of Nearly Perfect People

3 mins read

Somewhere, not so far from here, there is a land of Nearly Perfect People. In that land there lives a girl called Eve Day Knight. What made Eve Day Knight nearly perfect was that every time someone in the world said “Good Evening,” “Good-day” or “Goodnight” Eve just got more […]

Slice of Life B4 Lithium

Slice: Life Before Lithium

3 mins read

  NOTE TO THE READER: (Or should that be “WARNING?) The only time this account had been sent to a print publisher, the person assigned to read and assess disappeared along with my manuscript. The publisher (Women’s Redress Press) apologised but had no way of contacting their reader. The best […]

Extracts, Short Stories

Gospel Beach

3 mins read

Once upon a time, on a beach not far away, a man went fishing. He had a simple rod and a carefully baited hook. His family needed food and he knew that, out in the water, was a school  of fish. Most of the fish were of one family led […]

Extracts, Poetry


1 min read

I wonder if the man who sweeps the pavements clear of autumn leaving them winter neat and bare wishes he could knock down from the trees those undecided leaves holding onto summer?