Not quite the same.

Procrastination is knowing what should/could be done but putting it off.

Idleness is not caring to do anything.

With Fetch TV and streaming services it has been so easy to do the least physical activity even not bothered getting dressed for days on end. An objective view could describe this as being depressed. Yes, depressed activity but mentally coasting along waiting for the dream which hooks me into the next step within my w.i.p.. This currently thought of as ‘Hope’s Heart’.

Did I start writing straight away? No way. First rearrange all the plants on the patio focusing on the limited amount of sun available. So far the plants seem happy.

 Patio sorted,

next task: the rearrangement of my working area which involved more lifting and moving than necessary as most things are already in the optimum space. (But am still casting a critical eye,. Trying to avoid buying a new desk type desk instead of making best of.)

Then sort paperwork.

I have a horrible habit of printing before properly reading, adding pages to the pile to be looked at. One such relates to a request by a reader of the hard copy of “Mixed Fortunes” that it be accessed as an eBook within the Library network.

This took me on a journey to apply to OverDrive so that could happen. A wait of two weeks before I can report progress on that.

The caller, Jen, is one of those rostered on to call me between 7:45 and 8:15 each morning. These calls ensure I am alive and well. Were I to fail to answer three successive calls on any morning then my property manager, with key, is notified to enter and check on my status. I don’t mind being discovered dead, but I don’t want to be discovered in a state of decay. This would nix my whole body donation to the Adelaide University Medical School as well as becoming unpleasant and, for some who believe this, bad luck for the landlord.

If the Property manager is unavailable the next call by the Red Cross would be to the police. So the door is not broken down to enter, I have installed a keysafe on the door so all needed is the code from the Red Cross.

Am I organised? YES.

What is next to do? Get dressed? That would help, but I have no plans to go out today.


Sort of. As usual, my writing is more creating a complex jigsaw rather than a plot diagram. It is only when the last pieces are placed will the full picture be revealed to the reader. As the writer it is only then do I check the story within the picture to see it complies with normal expectations. At the moment, I am playing with some of the pieces to make sure they fit against others without giving the whole game away.

Once that book is finished I will need to find another topic. But I need to get angry about something to trigger of the energy needed to attempt a large project. Though there is one subject I am curious to explore but I may not get to finish – a Roadmap to a Good Death. My notion is that just as there are recognised stages in a child’s development there must/maybe stages toward the exit door. An observation by a hospice nurse (YouTube) the timing of a call for mother and my observation of widow’s powerful erotic dream when nearing death.

But then, I could get cranky with the whole #MeToo movement; the overtly feminist slant within some university curricula. Will I live long enough to witness the backlash? Or write a dystopian story painting the backlash?

Which would a reader (that’s you) most enjoy or find most interesting?

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