Once I had a lot to say

until I learned what not to say

in order not to give offence

to avoid battering against the fence

of deeply held belief.

So it was with relief

that I broke the habit

and no longer grabbed at


Then I found it all too quiet

and decided to break the verbal diet.

The initial obstacle to cross

was the discovery of total loss

of patterned words for conversation

and worse, I found in consternation,

were the same trite truths

from predicted angle

the same nowhere threads

left in the air to dangle


So to silence I again retired

serene in knowledge, late acquired

of a truth that it never heard, but often told

that speech is silver, silence gold.

Wrapped in this knowledge I now find

conversation from mind to mind

more accurately expressed by touch

as hands and kissed don’t lie – as much

as words.

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