Still learning. Will it ever stop? I doubt it.

Here on the Home Page, what should I say, but


For many years, my joke was that I will not stop writing until I have reached out and pressed my finger on the ENTER key to add the final FULL STOP. As it happens, there should be no casket as I am a full-body donation to the local medical school. Must lose some weight to make sure I will still qualify for acceptance. Recent recognition of my being aphantasic has brought a change of mindset. Having managed to cope with bipolar, this latest confrontation is not so great, but is a new challenge. In between-times, there is so much more to have fun with – such as learning how to create and maintain this website, rethink my thinking in the light I am now aware I do not have inner vision, but that my creativity came via abstract thinking rather than visualisation. This makes me want to examine all that I have previously published.