Once upon a time, on a beach not far away, a man went fishing. He had a simple rod and a carefully baited hook. His family needed food and he knew that, out in the water, was a school  of fish. Most of the fish were of one family led by Father Fish and Mother Fish. Father Fish saw the bait in the water. It was his job  to protect the school from strange things. He took the bait and began thrashing around in pain. Mother  Fish looked on and became very unhappy. She wanted  to help Father Fish. She wanted to keep the younger fish from seeing his  pain. Father Fish was pulled out of the water and  became  a meal for a needy family. Seasons  go and another came. Mother Fish found another Father Fish who helped  her raise another batch of fishlings. These babies grew up in the school with their half-fishlings.
Onto the beach came a young boy. He had a new rod but no-one to teach him how to bait a hook. He hoped to catch a fish. He hoped there was something he could do well for he was not very good  at sport. He flung the line in the water. The  metal shone silver flashes amid the bait. The new Father Fish  saw the twinkling metal. It was his job now to protect  the school  from the unknown. Mother Fish was close by him. Most  of the fishlings were almost old enough to take care of the younger ones. She saw the new Father Fish close his mouth around the bait and the shining hook. She saw him thrash about in the water. She watched him disappear as the boy reeled in the line. The boy was jubilant. At last there was something he could do well. Perhaps now he could catch a ball as easily as he had caught a fish. Even  his school-work could now be better. He had shown himself how  clever he could be. Filled with confidence and a fish in his hand he went home a changed person. Seasons go and another came. Onto the beach came a man with a fishing rod. He cast the line into the sea then sat back hoping that nothing would happen. He just wanted to look as if he were fishing. Everyday he helped people in pain. He needed to relax and hoped no fish would be so stupid as to take an unbaited hook. But he had reckoned without Mother Fish. Two great loves of her life had been taken from her; taken out of the sea into the Great Unknown. Although she was ready to lay another batch of eggs she had not found anyone she fancied as a Father Fish. Her elder children were now old enough to fend for the younger. She knew the shining metal was the key to another world; a world in which she would meet the first Father Fish and second Father Fish. With a sigh and a deep gulp of yearning she bit upon the hook.

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