While she had been listening to the music Eve had a great idea. A challenge. She held the wool just tightly enough so that on one side of her knitting there would be a black fleck against the grey and on the other side there would be a white fleck in the grey. Knitting very carefully she soon got the knack of double-sided knitting. As only part of the brain is used in concentration, Eve had an idea come into focus in the back of her mind. If she were to be very, very careful and join the beginning of a new ball to the last few inches of the used ball then no-one would know which was the right side and which was the other side of the garment.  Two for the price of one. Eve had to admit that her grandmother could recognise a bargain. Because she was concentrating on the white flecks and the black flecks, Eve overlooked a few details. Details such as the length of the sleeve and the depth of the neck. Eve is ingenious as you may have gathered and she soon compensated for such mistakes. So it wasn’t perfect, but it was nearly perfect and that is good enough in the land of Nearly Perfect people.

Which King should she send that now completed garment? She picked up the telephone directory, found the ‘K’ for Kings.  With a pencil in her hand she closed her eyes and move her hand in a circle above the air. “Dear Heaven,” she prayed.  “Please guide this pencil to the most perfect of all Kings.” She put the pencil on the page and then she opened her eyes and read the name King Paul. She bought a PostPak to fit at the Post Office and posted her Parcel to P. King being careful to put the return address on the back should Paul have moved away.

The next but one day the parcel was returned to her. He wrote to thank an anonymous donor – she had forgotten a covering letter – for the garment which covered him to perfection but for two faults. One fault he could forgive, but the second drew attention to his own one fault and he thanked her for reminding him of it and wished her luck in placing the garment elsewhere. He suggested that she try the first of the Bishops in the Land of Nearly Perfect people.  Eve took no offence at what may look like an objection. It had been kindly worded. It did not occur to her to wonder if most people are so polite after receiving anonymous parcels in the post.

Eve looked in the telephone book and then posted the parcel containing the garment to Archie Bishop in Palace Road. Archie Bishop returned the garment with a note inside the parcel. He told her that her gift was too fine a piece of work to be given to anyone less than God Himself. Archie Bishop had lost the address but asked Eve to go and find God so that the garment could be given to someone with a neck like a bull. What Archie did not tell Eve was that he had a very small head. Because believing is such an easy thing to do if you have a little faith Archie Bishop had not had to exercise his head in years and years. He had been very relieved to be taken out of the monastery as soon as he had remembered what he had to believe. Eve had unwittingly reminded him of his only flaw which is not quite the same as being next to nearly perfect.

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