Am I made of Teflon? Or ordinary lack of ‘stickability’?

Jumping into projects then fading within few days? A diet which shows that, yes, if meticulously followed, shows a much needed slight drop in weight only to succumb to an Uber offer and ordering fast food I would never ordinarily buy – and eat.

The third day always the most difficult. I must be harbouring a hidden rebel or some aspected facet of self-destruction. Or am I easily distracted on one level as I plod along with overall endurance the prime mover beneath all the superficial planning?

It is not that I cannot develop a habit such that it becomes automatic behaviour. The day starts well when I first reach for walking stick, sit up, stand up, walk to blinds and open, check whether there is rain or birds on the patio, turn on computer, still with stick down to kitchen area turning on the coffee prepared the night before, bathroom, toilet, weigh (not every day), pour milk in glass, take days medication. Log on to computer, make bed, turn on Tv, watch news, eating breakfast (if diet allows) and generally surface. If I interrupt myself by sitting at the desk instead of lazing on the recliner hours pass with not much done.

Then every so often things get seriously rearranged – such as having purchased a dryer from Cash Converters, I had to repurpose the two plastic drawers which had occupied the space required for the dryer. One of these has travelled with me going way back to living out of the Hilux and purposed as my larder.

As far back as then, I have been conscious of space – the best use of – and it is always a challenge to make the most of it. As I cannot visualise how things will look if this is moved to there, the only way I manage is trial and error. I should have put on my step counter at 2:45 this morning as I would have clocked up a days worth in shifting books, desk, chairs, bookcase, etc. All done by 6:00 am. I wonder how much, if any, the exercise affected the weight?

Tomorrow morning will tell.

Also, I think, this may be the third blog/website I have put together over recent years, but having paid for a full year of hosting I am motivated not to let this slip by. As long as I convince myself I am no more than talking to myself I can continue pottering along unless my mind is changed by receiving comments here which will provide evidence of interest to anyone other than myself. A conversation? Now that would be interesting enough to encourage better habits. Till next time.



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