Well might I ask. The answer for the now is absolutely nothing. Nothing constructive although I might think about it occasionally, I am easily persuaded into no stronger activity than reading … and I have been reading.

Have just finished and returned to the library The Plague Charmer published in 2016 which likely triggered a strong dream about a post pandemic society, engaging in a discussion of merits of true socialism v authoritarian structure.  Vastly reduced population and feeding into my fantasy of being honoured to live long enough to witness the end of the world. (No longer fully subscribing to only the end of MY world.) I can thoroughly recommend this story and here are books by Karen Maitland.

(Moaning groan: the library only has other as ebooks whereas I like going to bed with printed books.)





I am not writing as I feel I should be doing and I am feeding the doves which reddit group informs me I should not be doing. I will keep reminding and guilt myself into reducing the number of blank pages. (Big Sigh)

Also, life would be easier were I NOT to keep experimenting with different forms of how to tell stories. Especially when I know I was able to keep folk amused at rest stops around the country by sharing the story that had yet to be written. Come back to Scrivener every time.

I have been tearing the heart transplant plot apart, thinking two separate stories, but then each was so simple even though (I think) each would comply with the three act/arc structure,  I was put off by the lack of complexity. Tackling complexity is what makes it enjoyable to me and if I am not to enjoy then why or how to get motivated?

But better than doing totally nothing is to pick up the latest book collected from the City Library and delve into the hard copy of the Gormenghast Trilogy, but looking at the tiny print and the heaviness of the book I can see I will be accessing


Until I next surface: Stay safe and keep well.

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