Exploring a Hard Drive and finding …

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Why Do I Write? Talent? Stringing words together (my father’s assessment) remains my only talent after a lifetime of exploring other possibilities. It is a talent I failed to recognise within myself even when others saw something worth a mention. A Grade Four (ten years) exercise had our teacher defend […]

Story behind the poem

Roger McGough: salute to the master

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https://yorkshiretimes.co.uk/article/Poem-Of-The-Week–Let-Me-Die-A-Youngmans-Death-By-Roger-McGough *** My poem Thank You, Roger McGough was among a small selection I submitted to the London Magazine  way back when. The editor called me in for an interview and told me he would publish the poem Meekatharra  if I would remove Roger’s name from the one I wrote to thank […]